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    Following on from a discussion in another thread:

    specifically Ron’s comment:
    @rpedde wrote:

    Aaaahhh…. that might be the root of a number of problems.

    It’s happening again: my Soundbridge is on standby, but Firefly is showing “Streaming ‘No One Gets the Prize’ (id 772)” next to my Sounbridge’s IP address. (It’s a 160kbps WMA file).

    It’s not really a problem, as if I start up the SB it connects and plays just fine, but whatever it plays will appear in addition to the line above.

    So I’m not complaining – just offering further response to Ron’s quoted line above.

    I’m running 1512 on a slug.
    I’m pretty sure that I ended the song “No One Gets the Prize” by just turning the SB off with the remote – however, I do that all the time and I don’t usually get this result. I can’t think what else I would have done.


    Hi .

    I see that from time to time on my version (1359) running on my linkstation. Usually disppears when I do a full scan though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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