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    My playlist is not working and I think I see the reason but do not know how to fix it;

    genre not = “Holiday” OR genre not = “Podcasts”

    this is the playlist I want to work: play all songs but NOT “genre Holiday” and NOT “genre Podcasts”

    When I go to configuration page I see for location of Playlist file.
    /Users/scwerden/Library/Application Support/Firefly/firefly.playlist

    Problem there is NO file “firefly.playlist” at the above location or anywhere on my hard drives.

    How do I fix this?



    Smart playlists are in the songs database, and not in the playlist file.

    The first thing I see about your term is the word “OR” … so if the genre would be Holiday, it isn’t Podcasts, and if it is Podcasts, it isn’t Holiday… all songs would fit.

    You already wrote the proper term, just not in uppercase: “AND”

    genre not = "Holiday" AND genre not = "Podcasts"

    To tell it to ignore both.

    By the way, what exactly does “not working” mean (that’s kind of an error description everyone just loves 😉 ):
    * Does the playlist not show up in iTunes at all?
    * Does the playlist include all items on the list (which I would expect from your term)?
    * Does the playlist include no items at all?


    you should be able to “test” your playlist if you delete the “smart.html” off in the URL with “playlist.html”, iirc.

    That should give you an overview of all or playlists with their contents (if any)


    Thanks for your suggestion – everything works correctly 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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