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    I am using the firefly media server on debian linux with my Roku Soundbridge M1001.
    Until now it worked well, but in the last time I get more errors when searching the database with the SB. Most of the time the SB does not find the music I search at once. If I try it several times the SB finds the music most of the time.
    This is really boaring, because everyone knows how crazy it is to search on the SB with the remote control.
    My music db is about 50MB size. Most of the time I search with “interpret”.
    Does this happen because my music db is too big or because the firefly media server responds to slowly or is it a problem caused by the SB?
    Thank you all for help!

    I will try the new release of the fms. Maybe it will work better.



    The memory limit for the Soundbridge is somewhere about 50K songs. So if you are near that limit, that might be true.
    But a 50MB database isn’t quite there, iirc.

    What machine are you running mt-daapd on? I’ve seen this behaviour when serving from a busy slug, for instance.


    Hi to all,

    my problem is solved.
    I installed the latest version of mt-daapd and now I can search by interpret, show all albums, show the titles and play the first track in about 15 seconds. WOW! 😀

    Now searchin music on the SB is funny again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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