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    This may be slightly off-topic. But something I just thought about embarking upon. Looking for like-minded folks or some suggestions.

    I’ve been running mt-daapd for a while now on a Fedora Core system in my basement. My Powerbook and my wife’s iBook work pretty well, if I keep up pace with Apple breaking things. *winks*

    We had a Soundbridge for about a week, but it wouldn’t play well with the wireless, so it went back. I desperately miss having my networked music in the kitchen. I saw a post on lifehacker pointing to a PopSci article on turning an old laptop into a wireless photo frame. I thought to myself, “Self, you could take that defunct SONY laptop and turn it into a kitchen kiosk!” For the time being, I’ll use a wireless mouse, but may spring for a touch-screen overlay eventually.

    I’d like to not run iTunes if I can avoid it. I’m hoping for something that will let me run a really simple front end to my mt-daapd server in the basement. I could put Windows or Linux on the laptop so either platform is an option. Too bad I can’t put Apple’s Front Row on it. That’s what I’m really going for.

    Anyone done this or have any ideas? I’ve never attempted anything like this but will try to document it as best I can.


    Hmm… there are some perl daap clients, so one could probably script something together. I don’t know any pretty front ends that are already done for daap.

    If you were particularly *bored* though, you could look toward scripting together a myth or freevo plugin.

    If you didn’t use mt-daapd, you could probably always nfs mount the music dir and use something like a fb port of gtk to run full-screen framebuffer version of a gtk player. Or xmms2 — there are about a kazillian xmms2 clients — you could use one of those.

    I might lean toward ditching mt-daapd and trying to find a framebuffer mp3 player. (did I just say that???)

    — Ron

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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