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    I am trying to setup my Firefly server to run with my soundbridge. I have down loaded Bonjour and the latest version of Firefly. Both are working fine, and Firefly is running well on my PC, but the sound bridge can not connect. However, the sound bridge is connect to my home network but not the FF server. I am sure it is something really simple but i have tried most things now – i.e. 1. uninstalled and re installed both Bonjour and Firefly 2. Switch off my firewall 3. Tried to contect Roku

    Please can you help.


    PC = Windows, PC = Mac or PC = Linux?

    Can iTunes on your PC (if it is Windows or Mac) connect to Firefly?
    Does “can not connect” mean the SB doesn’t even see Firefly, or does it mean it sees it, but you get an error when trying to browse it?


    I can play itunes etc. the server is running a scanning correctly, but it just is not being picked up by home network .


    Sorry no error message but the sound bridge does not see my music library or playlists.



    Most likely this will be down to firewall or router configuration issues. However, you do need to tell folks a lot more about what your set up is.

    So, as CCRDude asked – what hardware / operating system? What firewall software? What router? Wired or wireless connection? Which SoundBridge product? Version numbers for Firefly, iTunes, SoundBridge Firmware? I know you say latest, but these things can change, and what was the latest last week may not be latest now, etc. Where is the music itself stored? On the computer’s local hard drive, on a USB drive, or networked storage, or even on another computer?

    Sorry for so many questions, but all of these and more are relevant and can make a difference – and providing this information will help people to ask you the right questions to be able help you fix this.

    First debug question – can the SoundBridge access any internet radio stations? Your computer is not needed for this to work.


    I am running Window XP Home edition, Mcfee firewall, D link wireless router, Soundbridge Home music, Firefly 1.0 svn-1359, Music is stored on my hard drive and i am using itunes as as my media player.

    Just for additional information, when i check firefly server on the computer or via the web server service it confirms that is it running both bonjour and firefly and that it it is scanning the correct music files. The Soundbridge seems to be connected to my wireless home network but not the firefly server. Is there box or something i need to check to allow the FF server to use my wireless network?

    I hope this may give you a little more info.



    @SWB62 wrote:

    Mcfee firewall

    This could be it. You can test by stopping the firefly server, disabling the mcafee firewall, and starting the firefly server.

    If you see it, then it’s a firewall problem with mcafee. I’m not sure how to set up exceptions for mcafee, but there is probably a way to set it up to not firewall firefly, or at a minimum, it needs to not firewall inbound traffic to tcp port 9999, and not firewall traffic to or from, udp port 5353.

    D link wireless router

    Some dlinks have been know to have multicast problems as well. It’s worth upgrading the router firmware (if the above doesn’t work), and see if the configuration interface for the router has the ability to enable multicast or igmp. If so, turn that on.

    Hope this helps.

    — Ron

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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