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    I’ve now successfully got firefly running on my WD MyBook World Edition and streaming music all over the house. I have a fairly fundamental question:

    What does firefly do?

    Does it stream a WAV stream all the time? Or only if a file is not supported by the client? What about a mp3 file on the server streaming to a client that supports mp3. Does is effectively allow the client to download the mp3? or send it as a mp3 stream (?) or a wav stream?

    I’m thinking about the network demands, and whether it’s better to stream mp3 verions of tracks, rather than the apple lossless ones.




    It will stream mp3 as mp3s, unless you have set it to transcode mp3s in the options. See the options file mt-daapd.conf.

    And based on network performance it is preferable to stream mp3s over apple lossless. SImply a lot less bandwidth needed. Whether streaming apple lossless works will depend on what bandwidth you effectively have between the server and the client and who/which applications use bandwidth also.

    Typically mp3s can be easily streamed. Apple lossless and wavs only when bandwidth is good.


    Hi mas,

    Thanks for your answer. I’d been noticing that the stream was dropping out when I was playing apple lossless files. So I’ll point firefly at the mp3 versions, and keep the apple lossless files for my main stereo.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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