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    @1charmedlife wrote:

    Hi All,

    Is there any chance at all that there could be a Firefly plugin for transcoding the output of the songs it processes?

    I have three computers that all access the iTunes library just fine, and it’s awesome for that, but I also run an HR20 DVR which I can get to see all the songs with other servers that I really don’t care for – but would it would be way cooler to be able to access via Firefly if it can transcode to output LPCM too (for DLNA players).

    Thanks, and great forum!!!

    What have you got working? Twonky? Windows Media Whatever-its-called?

    if so, that’s a upnp server. Someone is working on a plugin for that right now. If they don’t get anywhere on it, I’ll probably work on it myself. So eventually yes it will. But it doesn’t right now, as you’ve found out.

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