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    Whee! I got it running. Bit of a pain having to build all the dependencies with Fink first. It would be really nice if this was an OSX package.

    If I try to point mt-daapd to my existing iTunes library:
    mp3_dir /Users/becker/Music/iTunes/

    It won’t run.

    2005-06-05 11:11:10: Starting rendezvous daemon
    2005-06-05 11:11:10: Starting signal handler
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Loading playlists
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Initializing database
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Starting mp3 scan
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Error scanning MP3 files: Permission denied
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Aborting
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.
    2005-06-05 11:11:11: Aborting

    If I move the music library to /Users/Shared/music it works fine.

    Could this be a problem with FileVault?


    Look at the “runas” user in the config file. Chances are good that that user doesn’t have read permissions to your music. If you are only going to share *your* music, you could change the “runas” user to your user, then it would have permission to your home directory.

    That’s probably the best way.

    Failing that, as you have observed, you can copy the files where “nobody” has access to them, or change the music such that it is world readable.

    I’d choose the first option, though.

    — Ron

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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