mysteriously skipped mp3s?

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    using painfully aggressive scan type on a 300gb+ share

    Some mp3s mysteriously do not show up in mt-daapd playlist. One song in the directory will show up fine, but no other in some cases, other times one or two show up fine. If I have the same directory on my local machine it loads into itunes just fine. What could be causing this kind of an issue? It seems like it is just an inconsistency problem. Any tips in helping debug the problem appreciated as well.

    Many thanks, and my apologies in advance if this topic has already been addressed. It was hard to search for and what searching I did came up empty handed.

    mt-daapd is the greatest!


    Is this, or cvs?

    If, then the mp3s have to be on the same physical volume. If you are symlinking folders that exists on different physical volumes into one mp3_dir, then mt-daapd may well lose them.

    that’s fixed in cvs, but not in a stable yet.

    Otherwise, the best bet is to find a file that exhibits the problem, then set up a logfile mt-daapd.conf and run mt-daapd with a -d9 command-line option. It will grind for a while, and start up. Shut it down and search for that filename in the log file. If it couldn’t add it, it should give info about why — because it didn’t have read access to the file, or if it somehow made it choke while parsing tags (if so, I want to see that file!)

    — Ron


    Biggest thing making it “unstable” is the fact that it’s missing smart playlists. I have to say that quietly, as there are people ready to throw things at me. Once that’s there, a web-based playlist editor is the only other thing I want in the next stable.

    I just finished moving. (well, finished moving OUT, not moving IN), so hopefully if my wife stops giving me HUGE lists of post-moving chores, I’ll have some time to finish all that up.

    Anyway, give it a try!

    — Ron

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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