mt-daapd version 0.2.4 stoped working with iTunes 7.1.1

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    After mt-daapd worked over about one year, after upgrading to iTunes 7.1.1 mt-daapd stream a file and disconnects after a few seconds.
    mt-daapd is installed on fedora 6.
    On my other iTunes installation version 7.1 it works perfectly

    Log output form daapd:
    2007-03-17 11:46:55: Session 0: Streaming file ’02-Prelude to Last Dayz.mp3′ to (offset 0)
    2007-03-17 11:47:20: Session 0: Streaming file ’04-Stand Clear feat. MOP (Origin Unknown Remix).mp3′ to (offset 0)
    2007-03-17 11:47:22: Client disconnected

    can’t find any error. Do somebody see same behavior?


    Did you find a solution ? Because I have the same problem with iTunes 7.3.2 and mt-daapd 0.2.4 installed on FSG-3.


    Upgrading is the solution, especially since 0.2.4 has been deprecated for more than a year now.

    See for more recent but also potential unstable builds.

    These work with the current iTunes versions, and are a boon of new features 😉


    I tried to install nightlies version on my FSG-3 (version 4.2.7) but it fails to start the deamon. The script doesn’t find the bin file mt-daapd, but it exists??


    How did you install?
    Did you use version 1586? (Thats the recommended version currently)

    There are no rpms currently available. So I assume you installed from source? Did you do the obligatory make && make install with the correct prefix?


    I found the solution. I flushed the OUTPUT rules of iptables. The only rule was to drop the multicast traffic.
    Thanks for your help.


    Some more explanations : I re-installed the mt-daapd 0.2.4 for FSG-3.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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