mt-daapd server also as a jukebox?

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    I know this isn’t what everyone wants but here is my configuration. I have a headless debian box running as my mt-daapd server and file server. I think it’d be cool to have this server play those mp3s as well. Ideally this can be controlled over a web interface, which looks more or less like iTunes. I guess the backend can be done with gstreamer. We will need another http handler for handling the player commands.

    What do you guys think?


    I think you are trying to reinvent slimserver. Or possibly Apache::MP3. Or any one of a number of other tools to do just that.

    There is no reason they can’t be used in conjunction with mt-daapd — in fact, I used zina for quite a while, serving up the same mp3 directory via web as I did via mt-daapd.

    The thing that doesn’t work with this idea is that the mt-daapd server itself is very stupid. It relies on a smart client. (iTunes). Of the two pieces of software, iTunes is much the harder piece to write.

    And if you were going to write a daap “client” that was web managed and stuff, it would be easier just to download slimserver and be done with it.

    Just my thoughts.

    — Ron


    slimserver is quite nice in some regards (yes, I’m outing myself as a Squeezebox owner here), but I still prefer mt-daapd over it. slimserver can’t even do utf-8 properly.

    Anyway I agree that this would be the task for a separate client application, which would have the advantage of playing contents of any iTunes server.

    By the way, does slimserver even play on the same machine? I thought it just manages playlists and controls clients, including the Java one…


    No, you’d need a console slim client.

    But I think that’s only a couple lines of perl, as opposed to writing a daap client that was remote controllable, which would require a couple lines of perl + a whole web management system for stacking playlist requests, etc.

    — Ron

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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