mt-daapd misses some song files

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    I had all my music files (all MP3s) on a local disk on a PC running iTunes. I then copied the entire music directory structure, which had been organized by iTunes on the PC, to a disk connected to an NSLU2 running mt-daapd.

    After having mt-daapd scan the music directory, I notice that it is not showing the same number of songs as iTunes on the PC did. Windows Explorer shows the exact same number of files in both the old and new locations so I know for a fact that the exact same files are there.

    Out of about 4,300 songs, mt-daapd is missing around 80.

    Are there any known issues which would cause mt-daapd to not see some files? I have checked all the obvoious things like permissions (did a chmod 755 on the entire file structure on the disk mt-daapd uses).

    P O Litby
    Stockholm, Sweden


    Wasn’t there this thing with .MP3 and .mp3? Are all your file extensions lowercase?


    There was a file extension case issue, yeah… but I had it in my head that that didn’t make it not show up in the database, just wouldn’t play, IIRC.

    Can you identify any of the missing ones? If you could, that might help.

    The other thing you could do is delete your songs.gdb, and run it at -d5. See if you see any errors in the log about not being able to stat the file, or some other error.

    — Ron

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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