.m3u playlists stopped working in 0.2.2 ???

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    0.2.2 NSLU2 ipk release.

    Thanks for such a great piece of sw. I use it to service a Roku SB (and occassionally a PC) from an NSLU2.

    Upgraded to iTunes 5 only PC, hence needed the 0.2.2 release. Took the one that was precompiled.

    All worked fine, apart from I can’t see my .m3u playlists any more (the one dynamic one is seen but not my .m3u static playlists). I am pretty sure I have the daapd.conf file as it was before the upgrade.

    Just to rule out the likely suspects…
    (1) process_m3u line has been updated to “process_m3u 1” in the mt-daapd.conf file
    (2) My m3u files are in unix format (target mp3 files are relative to the playlist file). I’m sure that the paths are good as the .m3u playlist files play as is from a samba share.
    (3) I don’t think I need to add .m3u to the the extensions list, but I have tried with and without.
    (4) the playlist files have the same permissions as my mp3 files which are able to be read.
    (5) When I restart the server I delete the “songs.gdb” file to force it to rescan everything from scratch.

    I have a -d9 log….
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Found /share/hdd/data/media/Music/Playlists
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Found dir Playlists… recursing
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Found /share/hdd/data/media/Music/Playlists/Jazz2Funk.m3u
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Processing static playlist: Jazz2Funk.m3u
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Deleting playlist 19136516
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Done processing playlist
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Found /share/hdd/data/media/Music/Playlists/Familar2Blues.m3u
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Processing static playlist: Familar2Blues.m3u
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Deleting playlist 19136517
    2005-09-24 16:21:58: Done processing playlist

    … Unfortunately I don’t have a working log to compare it against, but I am surprised at the “Deleting playlist” lines after the “Processing static playlist” and also there is no information about the success of the processing (perhaps no news good news??)

    Any help appreciated.
    Thanks. JamesCC


    When it sees a static playlist has changed, it deletes the old one first, then creates a new one.

    So that’s sort of normal. You should see:

    found foo.m3u
    deleting playlist x
    added playlist as id y
    checking /some/path/to/song.mp3
    checking /some/other/path/to/song.mp3
    checking /yet/another/path/to/song.mp3
    Done processing playlist

    You aren’t seeing that, though. 🙂

    I don’t generate an error when it can’t open the playlist, but that’s obviously what is happening. It tries to read the playlist read only, and can’t.

    If you want to “hand patch” for more information, you can edit mp3-scanner.c.

    On line 515, change this:


    to this:

    } else DPRINTF(E_LOG,L_SCAN,"Error opening %s: %sn",playlist_path,strerror(errno));

    But that’s the problem. It can’t open the playlist file. Double-check your run_as user, and make sure those playlists are world readable.

    — Ron


    I changed the permissions to give world readable status to the m3u and everything is now fine. I’m sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t try this before posting.

    I’m kind of surprised as the m3u files had the same permissions as the mp3 files (i.e. group readable, but not world readable), and I don’t remember having to do this change before.

    However I’m quite happy to change the permissions here (I run a script to “unixify” the paths anyway so to adding a chmod won’t be a big deal).

    Thanks, for your speedy reply.


    Good to hear.

    When mt-daapd drops privs, it sets egid to the primary gid of the run_as user. So check the primary group of the run_as user, and you could get away with it being group readable by that group, but nothing less than that.

    — Ron

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