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    I’m not using iTunes but MediaMonkey for managing my media collection. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of anyway to update playcounts in MediaMonkey using the Firefly/SB combo but MediaMonkey can import playcounts from iTunes. So my thoughts are that I may install iTunes so it’s XML database file is available for updating via Firefly and MediaMonkey for importing.

    With the exception of say having to run iTunes to update it’s database when I have new MP3 files will I be able just leave it alone and Firefly will update the XML database file without any additional action on my part?

    Furthermore, I have MP3, WMA (non DRM) and flac files – will Firefly update all three formats playcounts in iTunes?

    The configuration would look something like:

    Firefly > iTunes > MediaMonkey.

    All I’m interested as far as iTunes is concerned is playcounts.

    – Iris


    @Iris wrote:

    Firefly > iTunes > MediaMonkey.

    Firefly does keep playcounts, but it keeps them internally itself. It doesn’t export those back to iTunes.

    There are some things like this:

    http://www.foghornlimited.net/RokuTrackCounter.html wandering around, perhaps that would do something, but it seems kind of rube goldberg-ish.

    I think the right thing is to get scripting working on the firefly server and then use the scripting interface of media monkey to have firefly directly increment playcount, but I’m a ways off on that.

    So it might be the rube goldberg thing at least for a while. 🙂

    — Ron


    Darn, I guess I’ve been doing so much reading lately trying to get up to speed that I’m mixing things up. You’re the developer so no need to doubt your answer. I thought it was one of the benefits of using iTunes with Firefly/SB.

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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