iTunes 7.0.1 breaks mt-daap

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    Upgrading iTunes to 7.0.1 broke mt-daap for some reason. The only other cause I could think of is that my update coincided with a unexpected shutdown of my linux server running mt-daap (went on vacation, forgot to turn it off and had a power outage). Anyone have this problem?

    Running FC4 and OS X 10.4.7


    I guess some more details would be needed; iTunes 7.0.1 on Windows and MacOSX (10.4.8) have no problems accessing mt-daapd here (svn 1376 I think).

    Maybe you could describe what “broke” means? Are you still able to see the playlists, but not able to play? Can’t you see the server in iTunes at all? Can you still access the web interface? Have you checked if mt-daapd is still running? Is mt-daapd running on the Fedora or on the MacOSX machine?


    Could not see the server at all. The mt-daapd processes were running and everything appeared to be fine. The server was running on the Fedora box.

    I updated to 10.4.8 yesterday (I always wait a bit for OS version updates) and it started to work fine once again. Can’t explain that one.

    Thanks anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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