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    to be able to access my iTunes server from somewhere other than my local network? The reason I ask is I would really like to be able to connect to my mt-daapd server on my iTunes at work? So is it possible to do this with mt-daapd?


    ok, a little searching and I came up with this thread…now another question, do you have to load something on the remote machine? is there a way iTunes can do it?


    As you discovered, it very much possible to do as you desire. Several of us use this technique on a daily or semi-daily basis. It works flawlessly.

    Regarding the need to “load something” on the client machine, technically, no. However, to not do so requires some degree of familiarity with the command line options for ssh and mDNS Responder. If you prefer to stick only with GUI tools, Fugu works nicely to handle the tunneling of port 3689 over ssh, while Network Beacon is the tool of choice for manipulation of the remote DAAP beacon.

    The thread you site covers the configuration parameters needed for the beacon (see Ron’s post on the bottom of the first page). Do respond back to this thread if you encounter any difficulties, but the technique is pretty straightforward.



    Fugu is a nice choice, I didn’t think of that earlier, but to do tunnels over ssh, that’s a nice solution.

    Even knowing the command-line stuff, fugu is a nice application.

    I didn’t think of that. Nice catch, Herman.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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