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    I m new to the NSLU and need some help please. I have successfully unslung and installed the stable version and everything works fine, however i decided to try installing the latest nightly but cannot get it to install.

    I have followed the instructions in the earler post but get the following message:

    ipkg install mt-daapd_svn-1463-1_armeb.ipk
    ipkg: invalid magic

    what does this mean and what do I need to do to get it right?

    Many thanks.


    Hi cnc,

    The invalid magic refers to the magic number stored in every file. It determines the type of the file is some sort of header filled with info. So basically it looks like your file may be invalid or corrupted.

    Could you re-download the file on your slug and redo a ipkg. A way to look at ipkg under *nix is normally doing the command ‘file’ followed by the file name.

    Post back your results and we will take it from there …
    Patrick S.


    Probably just your download failed. Try to download the ipkg again, probably directly from the slug.



    would fetch the current latest nightly to the directory where you’re at, with telnet on the slug.
    So basically just log on and issue the above command, followed by:

    ipkg install

    that should do the trick, given your slug has access to the internet, that is. 🙂


    thanks for the help. I have now managed to sort it by starting the process from the beginning again and also setting the ipkg update to get the most current version.

    Now using svn 1489 and it runs really well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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