ID3V2 tag editor?

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    Eric Boring


    I hope this isn’t too off topic, but I thought the users on this form might have some advice for me.

    I’m looking for a program or script that I could use to apply the song names from a playlist to a batch full of files. So I might have a playlist that needs to have its track names applied to a set of files that just happen to be the exact same songs as the songs in the playlist.

    (I’m recording LPs and I’d like to create the list and then apply it to the files.)

    Any suggestions?

    (Sorry for rephrasing the same question 3 times. It’s the curse of the verbose.)



    MP3Tag [1] is a pretty flexible tag editor, not only limited to mp3s.


    It can also import tag data from files, I think this is your best bet.


    I’ll go along with Fizze and recommend MP3Tag for this one.

    I use it for all my tagging when converting LP’s, but not quite in the way that you describe, even thought I think it can be used that way.

    The software I use for cleaning up the .wav’s splits the tracks according to cue points and names the files side101.wav, side102.wav, etc. Then after encoding these to flac, I just open these up with MP3Tag and enter the tag info for all the tracks. Then MP3Tag will rename the files for me according to the tag info.

    For me, this is really easier typing the info in a text file and trying to import to the tags, IMHO.

    Eric Boring

    Sure, but say for example if you already had a playlist of the album? I’m hoping I can find a way to convert that into a text file and apply it to a bunch of tags.

    Eric Boring

    Actually, as I look at MP3Tag, it looks like I can just go to Amazon or FreeDB and select the album I want tagged. That is pretty cool! Thanks.



    ID3TagIT was what I am using since a while. Unfortunately the author has just recently stopped the development:

    I had tested a number of different editors before I came to this one.

    P.S.: tag editing remains a pain in the ass nevertheless. It’s just a lot of work till its all consistent.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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