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    HI folks:

    I have gotten my mt-daapd server running and it serves my music quite nicely to my itunes on my computers. I only have a couple minor problems to be wrapped up now.

    1. I cannot create playlists.
    i can create a blank playlist, but i cannot add songs to it from the shared media, Nor can i find a way on the web interface to create them

    2. How do i update my ipod with the music from the shared library.

    thanks a ton



    In doing some additional research, im rapidly getting the idea that i may be behind the development curve on this a bit.

    I installed the package — mt-daapd from portage for gentoo (my server is a gentoo server) and it works, but the web interface is different than that which i have seen in other posts and does not contain controls that i have seen referenced in other posts.

    Im currently running version 0.2.4 (according to the web interface)

    If i need to update etc, please let me know – i know this to be the latest available in portage, but i can (if its stable) update to another version — the biggest thing im looking for are the ability to create playlists and the ability to update my iPod




    You need to update your gentoo with the masked testing version of mt-daapd (0.3.0_pre1376).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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