How do i telnet?

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    Hi everyone…im a total newbie at linux or this telnet stuff…ive read wherever i can, and searched the forum and i still can’t find the answer to my problems….you probably can help me 😀 ….so this is what ive already done…i installed that unslung 6.8 beta firmware with no problems ages ago (when i first got this device….) but now i want to put this music server thingo up so i enabled telnet in the unslung GUI now the problem is how on Earth do i telnet?….i got this “putty” program (from reading a thread here) and so i type in my ip address there ( (and select the “telnet” radio box option) and this box comes up asking for user name (admin) and password (admin) and so i type it in hit enter and theres this text i see really fast and then the box closes by its self and that it! ive tried all kinds of methods (like using the inbuilt vista telnet stuff (i.e. going to run and type in “telnet”) and the same thing happens the box closes by itsselft….plz help if you can…..any help is appreciated for a learning noob 😉 thnxs


    this box comes up asking for user name (admin) and password (admin)

    wrong username & password for the telnet session. Username is most likely ‘root’, password is whatever you assigned at the time of unslinging.

    This from the unslung readme file:

    9) Verify that you can log into the NSLU2 by going to the web GUI “Manage Telnet”
    page, enable the telnet service, then telnet in as the root user, with the
    password you entered when you performed the “unsling” operation.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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