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    So far the latest mt-daap shares appear to work with iTunes 7.0


    Thanks for posting this. I was afraid to update =]


    @ipn1nj4 wrote:

    Thanks for posting this. I was afraid to update =]

    I checked it first thing, too. 🙂 Was kinda worried. Whew.


    does not work for me: itunes 7 in mac os X 10. 4.7
    mtdaapd 0.24 installed on my synology 106j

    I’m not sure what the cause is, it was working before, I changed my network config (just the iP range), updated my NAS (working fine)… the server is seen in itunes (good starting point) but after 1 min I get an error messaging explaining that itunes cannot access the share…

    same issue on an other mac on the same LAN…

    maybe just bad luck for me…


    Works for me (aside from it’s random disconnecting from the mDNS server and requiring a reboot, which was a problem before).

    Though has anyone checked for anything new added to DAAP with the update? (passing flags for ‘Part of a Gapless Playback Album’ perhaps?)

    In anycase, Dark Side of the Moon (ALAC) is gapless for me off the server, so it’s all good. 8)


    In itunes v7 you can select music by scrolling through your albumart. When i select my mt-daapd server then this new option is not possible. Is this a known problem?


    Okay, iTunes 6.0.22 definately can’t read iTunes 7 DAAP shares, but that may not be a surprise.

    Here are two PCAP dumps of an iTunes 7 share:

    iTunes 6.0.22 (Win) accessing iTunes 7 (Mac) (Recieved packets only)
    iTunes 7 (Win) accessing iTunes 7 (Mac)

    I don’t have the time to acquaint myself with any changes from iTunes 6’s DAAP (And I didn’t bother to trace iTunes 7 accessing iTunes 6), so…

    Note: The alternate views are NOT visible in DAAP shares, even with iTunes 7 doing the sharing. So I think that’s a ‘feature’ of iTunes, not a ‘bug’ in Firefly.


    Tidbits gleaned from the initial server response:

    dmap.protocolversion is 2.3 (0x00 0x02 0x00 0x03)
    daap.protocolversion is 3.3 (0x00 0x03 0x00 0x03) is 3.0 (0x00 0x03 0x00 0x00)
    aeFP is new(?) and set to 1

    Tibdits gleaned from the ContentCodes and NOT in

    fx8Dch, dmap.haschildcontainers, 0x01
    agrp, daap.songgrouping, 0x09
    asaa, daap.songalbumartist, 0x09
    asct, daap.songcategory, 0x09
    ascn, daap.songcontentdescription, 0x09
    aslc, daap.songlongcontentdescription, 0x09
    asky, daap.songkeywords, 0x09
    ascr, daap.songcontentrating, 0x01
    asgp, daap.songgapless, 0x01
    apsm, daap.playlistshufflemode, 0x01
    aprm, daap.playlistrepeatmode, 0x01
    aeSF,, 0x05
    aePC,, 0x01
    aePP,, 0x01
    aeHV,, 0x01
    aeMK,, 0x01
    aeSN,, 0x09
    aeNN,, 0x09
    aeEN,, 0x09
    aeES,, 0x05
    aeSU,, 0x05
    aeGH,, 0x05
    aeGE,, 0x05
    aeGD,, 0x05
    aeGU,, 0x07
    aeGR,, 0x07
    aeFP,, 0x01
    aePS,, 0x01

    Some seem straightforward. Others (like the gapless support) seem quite the mystery. Most likely (for gapless especially) due to the nature of determining the length of the song to allocate a buffer? As mentioned before though, NO configuration is needed for iTunes 7 to play gapless streamed ALAC files from Firefly (presumably as they’re lossless). WAV and AIFF files are probably similar in this regard.


    Correct. The new iTunes 7 browse features are not available for remote DAAP “shared” content. This is for both 2 new views… (grouped with artwork, and the fancy 3D “cover flow”.) So, not much Firefly can do here…

    The gapless playback functionality for MP3 & AAC also does not work remotely.

    No idea if Apple is planning to improve the DAAP client features in a newer iTunes anytime soon… as they are obviously working on finishing up their $300 streaming set-up box, which will support gapless playback and fancy video based browse methods. 8)

    I’m just happy Album Artist is exposed finally.


    Well, all they need to do is figure out those few gapless statistics DAAP now provides and implementation should be easy.

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