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    I was determined to get my DAAP server fully functional on my own, but it just isn’t going to happen, I need help. I’ve tried so many different configs now, that I have lost track of what I have already tried, and I am now duplicating attempts. I’m using FreeNAS (0.7.1 Shere (revision 5024) LiveCD) as my central repository, with MacOSX (10.4, .5, .6) and XBMC (9.11) clients connecting. The Firefly server included with my FreeNAS build is SVN-1696. I’ve had no problem migrating my music files, and the iTunes client data to the NAS, but no matter what I try, I cannot successfully get the FF server running correctly. Studying the problems that others have had with similar issues, I feel that my problem may have everything to do with my paths/directory structure. Each time I change a variable in these, I end up with a completely different result. Here is my structure:

    >>>iTunes Media (DB directory and iTunes XML located here)
    >>>>>Music (contains music folders created by iTunes, sorted by artist)

    I’m going out of my mind trying to share this library to the iTunes and XBMC clients on my network. I have been able to create the share, and have all of the music available. I have been able to see the playlists from the clients, but no matter what I try, that’s as close as I can get – the playlists are always empty (although the “smart playlists” tab on the Firefly http config page shows the playlist names, with the correct song counts).

    I mentioned that I have made multiple attempts at modifying paths and file locations. At this point, I am looking for help at resolving this part of the problem first and foremost. I have checked permissions and access for all the paths involved, and they are all full access to everyone (777), and have confirmed that the Firefly server is set to process playlists, iTunes files, and ,m3u files. Based on my structure, can somebody please confirm the following items for me:

    1- what is the correct directory for the Firefly DB?
    2- where should I locate the iTunes XML file?
    3- do I need to specify the XML file in the Firefly config? (or will it auto locate it)
    4- do I need to modify the paths in the iTunes XML file, and if so, what should the replacement path be?

    I believe that my problem is most likely with item #4 – I began with a copy of the XML file from a client machine (after the library had been relocated). The paths in that file are all pointing to a shared directory as it is seen by that Mac. (File://Volumes/…/…/…) Since the Firefly server runs as a process on the fileserver itself, I reasoned that the path written by OSX would not translate correctly, and have tried countless combinations, trying to find the one that will work.

    As evidenced by my presence here, I have failed.

    If anyone can help me clear up these issues, I think I can get back on track with my config. I appreciate any and all input.

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