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    Ron, if you want I can send you the table in a txt file formatted in a way which is easier for you to implement the transfomation rules in mt-daapd.

    Except it’s not that easy. There are dozens of code pages each with their own mapping. Also, how the conversions work differ based on what kind of file system it’s sitting on. NTFS allows anything, so that’s easy. FAT32 won’t do some characters, so it has its own unique translation strategy. Each file system has a different one. Samba also does translation, as does NFS, and atalk….

    In short, there are probably tens of thousands of translations, based on destination file system, transport, and codepage.

    The cheapest way to do it is probably to try converting the .xml file to utf-8, utf-16, and codepage for current locale, testing to see if the file exists at that path and going from there.

    Beyond that, it will be difficult. But I’ll start there and see what happens. Might be that that can fix 99% of the cases, and I’d be happy enough with that.

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)
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