Firefly refusal to scan store for music.

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    My music is on r:

    When installing Firefly on Windows XP, I couldn’t put this in at setup time – it greyed out. So I installed with default.

    After installing I returned to the Firefly config and changed the music dir to R:, then asked for a full scan. But no files were found.

    When I use the *web* front end to Firefly to set the music source dir to r:, however, I get a yellow error box “Error:500general:mp3_dir”

    As a workaround I’ve plugged a USB2 drive into the firefly machine (as e:) and copied the entire contents of r: to e:music, then set e:music as an MP3 source directory. This seems to work – it’s just a waste of disk space!

    Lest it be relevant, I’ll mention that r: is a mapped network drive letter, the network resource in question is a Buffalo Terastation. (The share name on the terastation which is teh “root” of “R:” is “music”.)


    Ahhh – it appears this could be a permission issue. As Firefly runs as a service, the run-as account needs to be set to match a user with permission to access the NAS box.

    This is not entirly apparent as the person trying to install and set up the server is inevitably logged in to the console as a user who DOES have access to the data; suggest the installation notes are ammended with a section reminding the installer that the server runs as a service and that the service’s run-as parameters may need to be set.

    (Same applies to SlimServ of course!)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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