Finding High/Low Energy Songs

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    I just figured out how to do this, and didn’t see any other mention on these forums, so hopefully this will help someone else.

    mt-daapd can use bpm (beats per minute) in smart playlists. The faster/more energetic a song, the higher the bpm. For example:

    bpm >= 140

    for high energy, good for workouts, etc.

    1. Add some smart playlists based on bpm
    2. Use MixMeister BPM Analyser (free!) to automatically add the BPM information to your entire MP3 collection.
    3. Rescan in mt-daapd

    You can use the same method to find medium energy, low energy, etc.



    But is there any software for bpm detection that works in linux? Or mac?

    I’ve found a couple “tap based” bpm detectors, but I want to just scan my whole corpus and do it all automatically.


    I don’t know. I use Win2000/XP so I didn’t look around for anything else.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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