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    Hi everybody,

    I know that these feature was already discussed in the past but I would like to bring it back on the agenda again. 😳

    The idea is to mark a playlist as “crossfade” and all songs of this list fade into the next one.

    Imagine you have a playlist called “Party” but everbody stood still on the dancefloor waiting 10 or more seconds between the last song fading out and the next one starts. Very annoying, isn’t it ? 😕

    I hope this could be implemented in the near future.



    Well, Im afraid crossfading is something thats BY FAR easier to implement on the client side (read: soundbridge).

    To make it work, serverside mt-daapd would have to mingle all tracks together in a single stream, or at least mingle together the pieces you want to crossfade, which is a horrible thought, as far as I am concerned.

    Maybe Ron knows a more clever way, though.

    Binary Jay

    This really should occur in the buffer of the client. Assuming that the soundbridge is capable of maintaining three buffers. One buffer for each stream of the eventual mix and the output buffer containing the blend of the two.

    Post the request to the Roku guys. I’d like to see it too but it is probably too far off from what they’ve already built for it to be on their list any time soon considering how many firmware problems they’re having with people simply trying to operate the device normally.


    Well, yeah. I just wich the soundbridges firmware was open.
    I’ve already coded tons of DSP stuff on the blackfin. its a darn sweet device, and poerful as hell.

    But you know how they say, too many cooks… etc 8)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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