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    I’ve had a read of the forums, but haven’t found any mention.

    I am running the stable build of firefly on NSLU2. I tried to create some additions to the auto playlist file, but they don’t show up in iTunes.

    I was hoping to create a playlist that limits it to songs that have been played less than twice.

    Is there any examples of playlists, other than on the wiki, so I can try and learn how it all works (the wiki version is quite complicated).

    Also, is there a way to limit a autoplaylist to a particular size (number of albums/total size) and ensure it is ordered via album and track number?

    Sorry for all the questions…

    Cheers in advance

    EDIT, extra info as per sticky

    firefly version:
    server OS: Unslung
    server HW: NSLU2
    client device: Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC 2003 SE
    client OS: WiFiTunes
    connection: Wireless connection (PocketPC) to 100Mbit router (NSLU2)

    No error messages, can connect to web interface.

    Problem: can’t seem to update auto playlists

    Situation: tried to add my own auto playlist to the playlist file, but following a reboot, there is no new playlists.

    Also, is there a way to limit playlist to a certain size.

    Finally, are there any sample auto playlist to take a look at, so I can learn how to write my own..


    Wow, just installed a beta/nightly build as described on the NSLU2 website.

    WOW, much improvement, wholly hell batman, I can create playlist via the web, cool.

    Cheers, and i see from other posts that playlist improvements are on the cards, so I guess my questions are irrelevant.

    Cheers again

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