Can’t play protected content

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    “Can’t play protected content “

    Hi folks … I hope this is easily solved .. because I have remedial computer skills .. am running Mac OSX ..G5 … Soundbridge runs fine except for 2 new albums from iTunes Store … they appear on playlist with a lock icon and “Can’t play protected content” .. anybody know how to unlock them or do I need to somehow authorize Soundbridge like another computer ??


    I guess that’s more a question for the Roku forums, since the server doesn’t care about the protection in any way.
    Roku FAQ

    Why don’t you support secured AAC files purchased from the Apple Music Store?
    Apple does not allow streaming of files downloaded from their music store to third party devices. If they ever do, we will support them.

    Recently Apple announced to license something to OEMs, and with the trouble in Scandinavia (was it Sweden?) I guess there may be choices in the future, but currently its not supported.

    Unlocking is possible, but forbidden to mention in the country from where I’m posting, sorry 😉

    Eric Boring

    One fairly easy way to get around this is to burn those albums CD and then rip them back to mp3. This does away with the DRM. I do this with everything I buy from itunes and then delete the DRM file.

    You can do this all from itunes, so I’m assuming apple is ok with it.

    If you are an audiophile, this may be unsatisfactory, since there must be some loss going on, but if you have normal ears like me, then it will sound fine.

    Good Luck


    Ok Thanks both of you … It worked … BTW …Apple issue was in Norway …

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