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    Not sure if this has been requested before, but can we have bookmarks for audio files (especially useful for audio books) as the Roku firmware does not currently support it.

    I suppose they could be stored in the sql database and bookmark management could be done by setting an user-defined interval (in days) after which bookmarks are deleted.



    Hm, I thought of a clever way to do this, too.
    But bookmarks wont work unless the client (= SoundBridge) supports seeking to the exact spot.

    I fail to see how that would be possible unless thats implemented by our fellow RoKu friends.


    I have personally used the Rio S10, S11, S30 series, Nitrus and Chiba and can verify their bookmarking capability. It remembers the playlist also which is critical, and there is no drift of the bookmark position. The only negative is that the bookmarks are named “Bookmark 1” etc and so they do not display exactly what is bookmarked.

    I have also personally tested the iPod and RockBox.

    All other player reports in the chart above are either from online manuals, reader reports, or other web reports.

    EDIT: as this is only semi-on-topic, and seems to be spam, I’ve deleted the link. — Ron

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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