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    Setup Info:
    Version: 0.2.4-2 (stable release)
    Server Hardware: NSLU2
    Client: Roku Soundbridge M500

    I have an NSLU2 with a Buffalo Ministation hard disk attached on Port 2. I have finally successfully unslung onto the hard disk after some problems. I then followed instructions on this site:
    Everything is fine until I get to the command:
    # ps -ef | grep mt-daapd
    At which point I do not get the required response, so (following instructions) I type:
    But I recieve the following message:
    Bad mp3 directory (/share/hdd/data/public): No such file or directory
    Error reading config file (/opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf)

    When connecting to my NSLU2, I log in to ‘Private Data’ and see many folders that are refered to in the instructions. When I try to access the folders of the mp3 directory (/share/hdd/data/public) I can get to ‘share’ and to ‘hdd’ but when I try to access ‘data’ it opens an error message page saying:
    The requested URL ‘%.80s’ resolves to a file that is not world-readable.
    I’ve tried using vi to change the mp3 directory to /share/hdd/data/mp3 but this doesn’t change anything so I returned it to its original location.

    Finally, when trying to type in:
    It returns a ‘/var/log/messages: permission denied’ message.

    If I can’t get my NSLU2 to serve up music to my Roku, I have completley wasted my money. I’m a beginner in this area of computers. Though I usually pick these things up quickly, I feel like I’m completely in over my head right now. Help! Please!


    If you carefully read the unslung notes & disk behaviour section you’ll see that the HDD ports were reversed in the latest version.

    Port 1 is named /hdd/ & Port 2 is named /flash/
    The names have nothing to do with what’s connected to the ports

    So, the correct path to a HDD on port 2 is /share/flash/data/public

    0.2.4-2 is very old & the notes have not been updated for unslung 6.8
    You’d be better off using a nightlies version & using the how to found at http://wiki.fireflymediaserver.org/NSLU2_Installation

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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