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    I’m running a Roku Soundbridge connected to mt-daapd. I have some songs in my library where the artist’s name contains accented characters. When I try to play one of these songs, the Soundbridge reports “Could not load songs”. The mt-daapd shows

    2005-04-06 22:14:18: Could not compile query: SELECT * FROM songs WHERE ( ( (artist=’Michael Bublé’) AND (album=’It’s Time’) ) )
    2005-04-06 22:14:18: Could not start enum
    2005-04-06 22:14:36: Could not compile query: SELECT * FROM songs WHERE ( ( (artist=’Michael Bublé/Nelly Furtado’) AND (album=’It’s Time’) ) )
    2005-04-06 22:14:36: Could not start enum

    Could this be a bug?


    Probably, but this isn’t the stable version.

    You said in the other thread that you were running stable, but this version is clearly a recent nightly.

    This one looks like a utf-8 problem, and I can look into it, but the description you gave in the other thread (got 2034892038423 expecting 4) also looks like something from nightlies.

    Double check what version you are running. I don’t think you are running the version you think you are.


    OK, my apologies for the version confusion, I’m using the cvs-20050320 version. I used the ipkg package to install and I automatically assumed that was a stable version.

    In case it helps, here’s some more info: I changed the files in question and removed the accents (Michael Bublé –> Michael Buble), deleted the songs.db database and did a new scan, but the problem remains.

    It is only those files, actually – other songs with artist names including accented characters play fine.

    Also noticed that if I run iTunes on a PC connected to the mt-daapd server, the songs are played fine – so maybe it’s a Soundbridge problem, not mt-daapd.



    Nope, it’s definitely a mt-daapd problem. It’s the single quote in the album name. that’s been fixed in latest nightlies.

    If you want stable, then you’ll have to uninstall (dpkg remove mt-daapd) then do a ipkg update and ipkg install mt-daapd.

    The version in unslung is the latest stable.


    OK, thanks, that explains it. I see there isn’t a more recent NSLU2 binary than the one I already have, but since it only affects this one album I’ll just wait until you have posted one.


    It will probably be this weekend.

    — Ron

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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