20060313 and new config

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    no luck:

    willsam mt-daapd # /usr/local/sbin/mt-daapd -c /etc/mt-daapd.conf -v
    *** glibc detected *** realloc(): invalid next size: 0x08079f68 ***

    running with -d9 did not produce a log file -it dies instantly…

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    dang. okay. I’m looking at that now.

    wrt 0.2.4: no wma, no ssc. Those are only on nightlies.


    Can either of you mail me your config to ron at pedde.com?

    Also, platform, arch and version?


    I’ve got the same problem. I’m running fedora core 4 i386.

    I’ve narrowed it down a good deal. If I start my config file with these two lines, it causes the crash every time. If I remove either one then there’s no crash.

    # $Id: mt-daapd.conf,v 1.18 2005/02/27 04:08:04 rpedde Exp $

    Some trial and error leads me to believe it doesn’t have anything to do with the content of that first line, just the length of it.

    Interestingly, if the $Id$ line isn’t followed by another comment line there’s no crash, but the converted conf file isn’t quite right either. I end up with this first line, afterwhich the format looks ok:

    # $Id: mt-daapd.conf,v 1.18 2005/02/27 04:08![general]

    Hope that helps.

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    conf conversion fixed with 0317 nightly. I’ll try the Soundbridge and report back

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