20060117 fails to update playlists correctly

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    Hi Ron,

    I noticed a strange behavior yesterday:

    – mt-daapd 20060117 works fine on my Solaris box and knows all playlists from the iTunes Library file.
    – I then added a new playlist to my Powerbook.
    – Then I re-synchronized my music files, including the iTunes Library file from my Powerbook to the Solaris box.
    – After restarting mt-daapd, it only knows about the new playlist, but all other playlists are gone.
    – Shutting down mt-daapd, then deleting its database file (I use sqlite3), then restarting mt-daapd rebuilds the database and all playlists are there again. That’s the current workaround.

    Any idea why mt-daapd doesn’t recognize deltas in the iTunes Library file correctly?

    Best regards,


    Yeah, the sqlite is *much* slower on initial scan. Not sure why, exactly. I’m doing everything one is supposed to do — pragma synchronous, wrapping all the inserts in a transaction…

    Dunno. Guess that’s the price for a relational db.

    In any event, to make it seem faster, I think I am going to change it so that initial scans are handled like a background scan — the db count will just gradually grow while it’s indexing for the first time. That way it shows up immediately, and you can connect and see it working.

    Have to get incremental db updates working for that, though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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