Reply To: Issues with some songs not playing


@rpedde wrote:

These files weren’t made with iTunes, were they? They were made with nero or faad or something like that?

You know what – I wouldn’t have ever noticed that. In iTunes it actually specifies which version of iTunes created a file in the info page – I’d stared at that info for ages without noticing that some files had that info and others didn’t. I’d forgotten that I’d even used anything else to create some of those files.

I couldn’t seem to get mpeg4ip to work terribly well under Ubuntu (i couldn’t find a package in the 20 minutes i bothered looking). But if you select all the problem files while they’re in a local iTunes library and select “Convert to AAC”… suddenly all is well.

I can’t help but wonder – if iTunes is streaming a file, does it cheat and check the data before it streams it? I’ve never had this problem when using iTunes at both ends.

But for now my problems are solved.

Thanks Ron, you rock. 😳 😳