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I installed mt-daapd 0.2.4 stable on an iMac running Yellow Dog Linux 4.1. I am able start the service using the RedHat start script with the following modification: added /usr/local/sbin to PATH in /etc/init.d/functions.

I would like to run mt-daapd out of DJB’s daemontools ( I have been able to successfully start mt-daapd from daemontools with the following run script

exec 2>&1
mt-daapd -f

However when I attempt to stop the service with the following command:

svc -d /service/mt-daapd

the service does not stop. I have sent the assortment of signals listed here ( and the service does not stop. I reviewed the Red Hat init.d script and noticed the stop portion says to send an INT signal to mt-daapd to stop it. However, the comments in the script state that this broken.

Can someone please point me to some material which explains which signals to send to mt-daapd to shut it down?


The problem is that the thread that is the foreground thread isn’t the thread that handles signals. When it runs, the parent thread spawns a web server thread, a signal handling thread, and forks a mdns process. Then it waits for a quit event, which gets handled by the signal thread.

The problem is that the signals don’t seem to work the way that pthreads *say* they are supposed to on all applications. I’ve got some thoughts on fixing this, but not for 0.2.4, and I don’t really see a way to fix 0.2.4 to work, particularly when we’re thiiiiiis close to a new stable.

If you want to start working from nightlies, I can try to add the functionality you are looking for.

— Ron