Reply To: ogg problem.. whatever


Anyhow, I want to debug this issue first, which I can do on my PC just as well as on the slug. (Well, a lil better I think, dont want to use gdb on the slug, networked if I dont have to)

Again, if I call ogginfo manually on this file it takes maybe 2-3secs to display the info. Havent tried to do this as the user mt-daapd runs as, but that shouldnt be an issue.
I had other ogg files which were smaller working fine.

Well, I just found out something.
ogginfo shows me that some of those files do have a “hole” in the stream.
They play just fine though. I read on some forums that ID3V2 tags do this to ogginfo, and ogg files. So I stripped my tags with id3v2, but it didnt help.

I found one “huge” file wihtout a hole and mt-daapd scanned it properly.
It seems the “hole” somehow kicks libvorbis’s tag reading out of sync 😉

Wow. actually I never tried to play those in Linux on a PC. Xmms chockes on the files with a hole. So does rhythmbox & beep-media-player.

They all play back fine in winamp5 and on my iRiver H320. both in rockbox and the normal iRiver FW. This is really weird.
On the slug the transcoding worked at some point, so I guess the tremor libs dont have this bug. That would explain why the iRiver DAP doesnt choke on them.