Reply To: ogg problem.. whatever


@fizze wrote:

what does

1225 guest 12396 D /opt/sbin/mt-daapd -f -d9 -c /opt/etc/mt-da
1226 guest 3784 S /opt/sbin/mt-daapd -f -d9 -c /opt/etc/mt-da
1227 guest 0 Z [mt-daapd]
1230 guest 12396 S /opt/sbin/mt-daapd -f -d9 -c /opt/etc/mt-da

mean ?
never seen a thread in state Z…?
I guess it died because of something….

A Z is zombie. It’s a dead process that hasn’t been reaped yet. Yeah, it definitely doesn’t like that ogg file. Is it a huge one? maybe I need to find a different ogg tag parser since it seems like the official one doesn’t work half the time.

Seems like most of the tag crashing/reading problems are coming from ogg files.