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@gordo wrote:

Using rsp I now can play wma to Soundbridge without unsuccessful attempt at transcoding. However, when I am connected via iTunes I doesn’t work. The song info is listed as wav which seems correct but when I play I get ziltch and log says:

2006-06-06 19:11:48: Error opening /mediakeg/Audio/Rock/Sonic Youth/Sonic Nurse/03 – Dripping Dream.wma for ssc: Cannot open file

I am using the ffmpeg plugin and it seems OK transcoding flac.

i.e. it seems to correctly figure out client supports (Soundbridge) or doesn’t support (iTunes) wma – it is the actual transcoding via ffmpeg that seems not to work. Permission on the wma file is rw for the mt-daapd user.

Try transcoding it with ffmpeg from the command-line. It might be something crazy like wma pro or something that flac won’t convert?