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@Ted Harper wrote:

I guess it’s unfortunate I didn’t get a crash or lockup on either the Soundbridge or Firefly service, as far as tracking down the problem other people are reporting, but I thought I’d better post that I _didn’t_ get a crash in my environment. Specifically my music library is about 5500 tracks, about 90% WMA (128-200kbps – ripped from CDs over the last few years and the most recent ones in VBR) and 10% MP3; no DRM on any of them.

It may be specific to something I can’t figure — only transcoding certain types of files, or files encoded by a particular encoder, heck, I dunno.

I don’t rigorously test this stuff — these are nightlies, and I figure some instability is par for the course. I do run a short stress on them, do browsing and playback of a hundred or so songs before I release them, so it’s usually a reasonable test that it’s not completely broken, but there might be any number of cases with different versions of ffmpeg, or zlib, or any number of other things.

I’m still hoping I can repro some of the stuff people have reported, because it will make it much easier to nail down if I can run a debugger against it. Otherwise, it’s going to be trial and error, and will take some time.

Anyway, glad to hear this report. Thanks.

— Ron