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@fizze wrote:

Atm I dont have an OSX or *IX box.
Is there a way to get a dev environment going unter windoze without cygwin ?

I know that the folks at managed to pack a vmware image with all necessary tools, so Im wondering if something like that would actually work ?

That’s what I’d do. Or use qemu. Price is right on that. You could build a debian box under qemu and be quite workable.

I obviously am interested in building for x86 (I could user Visual Studio there, can’t I ?) and for ARM (NSLU2).

I use 2003 for the windows builds. I can get vs express 2005 to build mt-daapd, but not the tray application, so you can manage part of it at least on the free.

And compiling the dependent libraries (zlib, libid3tag, libogg, libvorbis, libflac, sqlite2, sqlite3, avcodec, avfile, avutil) is a PITA. If you don’t want to do that, give me a yell, and I can give you the import libs and whatnot I use to build nightlies.

As I heard that the native environment on the slug is terribly slow, I’d refrain from that…?

I “cross compile” the slug binaries from a slug running debonaras, so it’s not TOO slow. I wouldn’t want to do heavy development on it, but it compiles fine, if a bit slow. The machine I compile on is de-under-clocked, though, so that helps a bit.

It’s not unusable just for building packages though. Do go to bed while you build the initial toochain, though. 🙂