Reply To: 0.2.4 lack of stable connection…


@pegmonkey wrote:

The time seems to vary.. so far I’ve seen about 5 minutes.. and once I saw about 20 mins. An NMAP of the server verifies the port is open and the web admin interface is working. It seems like the server is not announcing itself.. or iTunes is choosing to ignore it. I have iTunes 6.0.4 (3). I have avahi and avahi-howl compatibility packages installed. Anybody know what I’m missing?

That’s almost always udp port 5353 to or from being blocked by a firewall. That usually happens because the mdns responder doesn’t see the requests, so it doesn’t respond to queries. So it drops out of the mdns browse lists.

If you stop and restart, it “pre-caches” queries by performing an unsolicited advertisement, which makes it show up in peoples browse lists.

See if your firewall has an option for allowing multicast. That should do it.

— Ron