Reply To: svn-1082 on NSLU2


@fizze wrote:

I cant tell, since the CPU on the slug is hogged, and there is disk activity.

A -d9 should still show you what it’s doing up to the point that it craters.

also, just enabling transcoding without process_m3u also results in same behaviour.

That should have no effect whatsoever on startup. The only time transcoding should have any effect at all is when serving the files. This confuses me.

does a “nice” binary exist for unslung ? If so, I could “nice” it and get decent log outputs (hopefully).

Dunno, but even without,i t should at least log the last thing it was doing before it fell over.

also: I built the DB with extensions mp3, m4a, wma. so when I enable transcoding for .ogg for example, it wont do anything unless I add .ogg to my extensions, right ?


will the .ogg files be included in the next background scan, then ?

If you add them to your extensions, yes. But only if you do it from the web interface… it doesn’t (yet) recognize that the config file has been changed underneath it.