Reply To: svn-1082 on NSLU2


@fizze wrote:

just a Q though: it seems to scan the DB 2x on init, why so ?
is there a way to deactivate the background-scan thats issued on startup ?

its kinda annoying for such testings on the slug…. 😉

Are you starting it with -s? The sense of that switch has changed several nightlies back. It now means “force a foreground scan at startup”.

The “second” scan is what used to be the old foreground scan, only as a background scan. You can ignore it when it’s doing that… it’s already advertising itself via rendezvous.

the one thats in ‘D’ has to be -9’ed, it wont quit otherwise.
Im using the standard transcode script, guess theres something wrong in there. Does it work on anyone else’s slug ? if so, what flavour of linux are you running on ? and what config ?

Works for me. I’m using the as-shipped config with no changes, and I’m successfully feeding my sb ogg over rsp.

Have you tried running the transcode script by hand to see what it does?

You should be able to run it something like:

/opt/sbin/mt-daapd.ssc "/path/to/ogg file" 0 180000 > out.wav

and see what it does. That’s not a completely good test, as you don’t have the same environment as when running it from the daemon, but it’s a good test.