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@k3n85 wrote:

I will try that when I get back, but I was also looking around for any information on the client PW in the adv. config, would there need to be anything specified in the xbmc xml w/ pw? and/or do I even have to specify the port for the daap share?

Also, if another person on my LAN had iTunes open, the share would show up as ‘Firefly Media Server’ as it sounds, right?

I don’t think you have to specify a port, as xbmc appears to ignore it anyway, always using 3689.

I’m not sure that it works with a pw at all, but if it did, it might be daap://anyusername:[email protected]:3689/. I’d get it working without it first, then see what happens.

On windows, the default share name is indeed “Firefly Media Server”