Reply To: XBMC


I’m having what I believe is the reverse problem from what you all are.

All of my Playlists and Smart Playlists are showing up great on XBMC (the 2.0.1 release by t3ch). I’m using the latest nightly build of Firefly (1441). However, the main Music library fails to load. I get no error message, and no obvious error message in the Firefly log. I have 7637 songs in my iTunes library.

I tried creating a Smart Playlist that contained all of the songs in my library. This too failed to load, which leads me to believe it is nothing specific to the Music playlist, but instead the number of songs being transmitted. I tried turning on the “Empty Strings” param as someone had suggested, no go. I also tried turning on the gzip compression as I thought perhaps it was a buffer problem with XBMC. Also no go.

When I connect my local copy of iTunes to the Firefly server, I can retrieve all playlists, including the main Music library, with no problem.

I’m at a loss as to how to proceed next. I will probably have to try installing the last “Stable” build you released in hopes of fixing it, although I will be sad to lose the ability to display the Smart Playlists.

I should note that before iTunes 7 came out, XBMC had no problem retrieving Smart Playlists and the entire Music library directly from iTunes.