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problems decoding flow

i used tcpdump and tcpflow to capture network between client and server but ran into problems running decodeflow

it gave the following errors when passing it the stream (of the 3689 traffic) i tried it three times on three seperate streams, first two were when playing a track, last one was on a full ‘read’ of the library when itunes client connects. each time i get no output to disk.

the client i was experimenting with was itunes 6.05.20 on a pc, sniffing on debianslug nslu2.

interestingly whenever i try to run tcpdump and connect via xbox, xbmc 2.0 it always times out saying ‘cannot connect to server’. as soon as i stop running tcpdump, it connects!? i am able to samba from xbmc to slug when tcpdump is running. that could put a dampner on my trying to log xbmc traffic anyway!!

NSUL2:/home/bb/mt-daapd-svn-1417/tools# ./decodeflow -d
Bad tag: (00474554)

NSUL2:/home/bb/mt-daapd-svn-1417/tools# ./decodeflow
Reading headers for conv 0

NSUL2:/home/bb/mt-daapd-svn-1417/tools# ./decodeflow -d
Bad tag: (00474554)