Reply To: Playlists on Linkstation


I tried the Smart Playlists thing, but because I also have Firefly installed on the host computer it created the playlist for Firefly. I will eventually put another version of MT-DAAPD or Firefly onto the Linkstation but I am not that confident about compiling the binary yet.

I also tried tried the M3U file exporting from WMP 10, which didn’t work I also edited it using notepad to simply have the one entry per line. I put this in my music directory.

\willy_wonkamusicMusicAnimalsThe Most of the Animals1 - House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicAvril LavigneLet Go3 Sk8er Boi.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicThe Beach BoysSummer Dreams [UK]13 Good Vibrations.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicThe BeatlesBeatles Red Disk 113 - YESTERDAY.mp3
\willy_wonkamusicMusicThe Beautiful SouthBlue Is the Colour1 Don't Marry Her.mp3

I also forced a rescan by rebooting the linkstation, but still could not see the playlist. Is there a particular directory on the linkstation I should use in this configuration?

Sorry if I am being dense, but this is really puzzling to me. The file worked directly in WMP10.