Reply To: mt-daapd on NSLU2 fails to find music files


I have now been able to get the directory path correct. The harddrive has been given the name hdd_1_1_1 and I had to use this instead of the name public.
The chmod o+r -R of the mp3 files ends with ‘Terminated’ which I think is a time out as it is a very large music library. instead I have used the chmod command on a couple of sub directories. I have even managed to sort out the mt-daapd config file. (Although any advice to Joe would be helpfull.) The mt-daapd works but I don’t see anything on the soundbridge. How can I tell the current status of mt-daapd? How do i set the timeout higher so that I can get the chmod command to work over the complete library. And finally must I set up anything from the soundbridges side.

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