Reply To: mt-daapd on NSLU2 fails to find music files


@hpsenicka wrote:

My experience was that the locations of the files have changed….

“The files (MP3 and FLAC) are all located in the MP3 folder visible through the web administration interface of the NSLU2, which also happens to be the /public/mp3 folder.”

Try using “chmod o+r -R /public/mp3” instead…. worked for me!

Thanks for your reply. Interesting that I could not see your entire post until I responded via ‘quote’. I got through enough Linux to see that the MP3 folder was as you say, /public/mp3. I did the chmod command as you suggested and it worked, but when I attempted to start mt-daapd I got errors of “Bad MP3 directory” and “Error reading config file”.

I was able to install mt-daapd via the IPKG route. I will have to figure out this ‘nightly build’ process to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help.