Reply To: Connection loss and reboot issue reloaded

Ted Harper

@rpedde wrote:

I think there are two issues here.. one is the “sb gets stupid” one, where it just won’t connect to anything until you reboot it, and the other is a ff deadlock that people report happen particularly on dual core systems.

I’m not sure on 1, but I think there is probably new firmware soonish, and #2 is waiting on me to get a dual core system up and running for better debugging.

Thanks Ron, the one I see is (1) and for me at least it definitely seems related to “something being changed on Firefly while the Soundbridge is switched on and connected via RSP” (even if the SB isn’t actually playing something), but not 100% repeatable – I haven’t had the “sb gets stupid” problem for a while now _except_ when I have changed Firefly underneath it. I haven’t had Firefly lock up and require restarting for a couple of weeks or so – when the “sb gets stupid” problem happens it is only the SB I am powering off/on, not touching Firefly (and after the SB cold restart all is well again).

I don’t know if I can help with debugging or isolating (2), because the only dual-core machine I have here is my wife’s Mac Mini (and the MacFirefly builds seem to have a fairly high “degree of difficulty” right now). I do have a Xeon laptop (the Xeon CPU appears to be two CPUs to Windows XP, and behaves that way as far as threads being thrown across them, just there are really only two instruction queues rather than two actual cores); would testing Firefly on that box give you any useful information for the deadlock/race problem?